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We Are Your Friends Review


Basically the perfect summer movie, this lightweight drama has a great-looking cast and plenty of youthful energy, but not much authenticity or depth. The plot traces a young aspiring DJ trying to make his mark on the music world, and his struggle isn't exactly gruelling. But what the movie lacks in realism it makes up for in melodrama, keeping the audience involved simply because the characters are relatively enjoyable company.

Zac Efron plays Cole, a smart young guy who spends his days and nights hanging with his chucklehead pals Mason, Ollie and Squirrel (Jonny Weston, Shiloh Fernandez and Alex Shaffer), playing music, doing drugs and tormenting the girls. But Cole has skills mixing tracks to keep a dance floor busy, and one night he's noticed by his idol James (Wes Bentley), a star DJ with a hot girlfriend, Sophie (Emily Ratajkowski). James helps Cole discover his own distinct voice, while Cole can't help but fall for Sophie. Meanwhile, Cole and his buddies need to make some cash, so they take a job with a dodgy property developer (Jon Bernthal). But Cole is determined that this kind of work won't be his future.

Director-cowriter Max Joseph never really bothers to develop any of this properly, letting the film glide along on Cole's cool beats while indulging in arty touches like an animated drug trip. There isn't much complexity to any of the characters, but the actors add interest in the way they interact, developing camaraderie that says a lot more than their relentless macho swagger. Efron is the only actor who is allowed to offer a glimpse beneath the surface, and he navigates Cole's darker emotional moments nicely. But the script continually undermines him. For example, there are constant references to his strong moral code, and yet he seems utterly unbothered about seducing his mentor's girlfriend. Opposite him, Bentley gets to do some ace scene-stealing, but everyone else fades into the wallpaper.

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We Are Your Friends Trailer

Aspiring DJ Cole Carter, from LA's San Fernando Valley, sets out to make it big in the world of electronic dance music and create a name for himself in Hollywood's nightlife scene, by working on the one track that will make him stand out from the crowd. Things start looking up when an older DJ named James takes him under his wing, but life get complicated for Cole when he finds himself falling for James's young girlfriend Sophie. With Cole's friendships at stake, will he have to make a tough choice between love, loyalty and the music career he has always dreamed of?

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Sicario Trailer

Kate Macer is an FBI Agent who's about to undertake probably the most dangerous mission of her career so far. It's not her usual department, but she has been taken on to help in the ever swelling drug war along the border of the US and Mexico. There's a drug lord taking over the sprawling metropolis of El Paso, people are getting killed left right and centre. In order to take him down, a lot of people need to be executed along the way - but Kate's not so sure her task is an entirely moral one when she is forced to pull a gun on nearly everyone who gets in her way. As she doubts the mission and questions the history of Matt, the task force's leader, she starts to understand that they only real assignment she's being faced with is survival - even if that means breaking her own rules.

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'Daredevil' Finds Its 'Punisher' In Jon Bernthal

Jon Bernthal

Daredevil has been heralded as one of the best TV shows in recent times, though it's about to get a lot more interesting with the casting of The Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal as The Punisher. Bernthal will play the iconic anti-hero in the second season of the Netflix show.

DaredevilDaredevil has been one of Netflix's biggest ever successes

Marvel's head of television Jeph Loeb said of the casting: "Jon Bernthal brings an unmatched intensity to every role he takes on, with a potent blend of power, motivation and vulnerability that will connect with audiences.

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We Are Your Friends - Teaser Trailer

Fresh out of college, 23-year-old Cole Carter and his friends Mason, Ollie and Squirrel are determined to make something of their futures, with young people being faced with more and more career opportunities than ever before. Cole wants to become one of the world's top DJs, but hitting the decks at local college parties aren't getting him anywhere fast. He learns the art of getting people moving with his music from a more experienced DJ named James who sees potential in him, but it seems the more he is taught, the more he realises he has to learn. Still, he's reluctant to work under James, and things get complicated when he starts to bond with James' girlfriend Sophie. To make matters worse, his friends are becoming increasingly frustrated with him for refusing to seize a once in a lifetime opportunity to make something really special.

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Earl and the Dying Girl Trailer

High school can be the worst time for some people, and for Greg Gaines (Thomas Mann), it turned out to be especially horrible. His parents inform him that his classmate, Rachel Kushner (Olivia Cooke), has been diagnosed with leukemia. The two make a fast friendship out of a mutual intention to not be sympathetic, but that plan doesn't work out as well as planned. Greg and his best friend Earl make 'bad films' in their spare time, and decide to devote a film to Rachel. Unfortunately, as they specialise in bad films, they struggle to make something that will truly honour her and cheer her up.

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Brad Pitt And Co Head Back To WWII With 'Fury'

Brad Pitt David Ayer Shia LaBeouf Logan Lerman Michael Pena Jon Bernthal Angelina Jolie

Now storming through cinemas worldwide after claiming the US box office crown last weekend, the World War II tank-crew thriller 'Fury' is an old-school war movie that attempts to update the genre with a more internalised approach to its characters.

The cast of 'Fury' on set
Brad Pitt has deep respect for the war veterans who inspired 'Fury'

"It's about a family and their love for each other," says writer-director David Ayer of the five-man crew played by Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena and Jon Bernthal. "We wanted to explore the moral and psychological hazards of war, and how they affect this family of brothers."

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Fury Review


From Training Day to this year's Sabotage, filmmaker David Ayer writes and directs movies about the cathartic power of releasing your inner warrior. And this World War II action thriller is more of the same, with a "war is hell" message stirred in for good measure. The problem is that there's nothing particularly new here. It's a beautifully shot and edited film, with terrific performances and a remarkable sense of scale, but there have been so many movies made about this conflict that it's difficult to find something original to connect with.

It's near the end of the war, April 1945, as Wardaddy (Brad Pitt) leads the crew of a tank named Fury: Bible (Shia LaBeouf) is a true believer, Gordo (Michael Pena) is a relaxed joker, and Coon-Ass (Jon Bernthal) is a hot-headed thug. Having just lost their driver, they're joined by rookie Norman (Logan Lerman), who doesn't yet have a wartime nickname because he never thought he'd end up driving a tank. Together, they head further into Germany, not as liberators but as invaders and occupiers, working with other tank crews to take a strategic town before heading further into the hot zone, where a series of particularly brutal Nazi assaults ensue.

The point of the film seems to be that war erodes a person's humanity over time, and the sharpest aspect is the way each character emerges at some point on the continuum. Obviously, Norman is the naive newbie who still has a strong conscience, while at the other extreme Coon-Ass is virtually a monster. Wardaddy is somewhere in between, a tough guy who still has a sense of perspective, such as when he reasons that Norman should be allowed to have some private time with a young German girl (Alicia von Rittberg) simply because they're "young and alive". All of the actors are excellent, adding telling details to their characters that deepen every scene. And the camaraderie between the five-man crew is remarkably authentic, as is their ease inside the cramped quarters of the tank, which makes submarine movies look spacious by comparison.

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Video - Brad Pitt Joined By Logan Lerman And Shia Labeouf At 'Fury' Photocall

Brad Pitt was joined by his 'Fury' co-stars at a Paris photocall held at Les Invalides. He posed on the red carpet in front of an army tank with actors Logan Lerman, Shia LaBeouf, Jon Bernthal and Michael Pena, as well as director David Ayer. During the photo session, Shia and Jon appeared to share a little playful banter, with Shia exclaiming, 'What's the deal, man?!' as they are joined by General Christian Baptiste and General Herve Charpentie.

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58th BFI LFF: Fury - European Premiere

58th BFI LFF: Fury - European Premiere held at the Odeon Leicester Square

Jon Bernthal

58th BFI London Film Festival - 'Fury' - Premiere

Photographs from the red carpet at the premiere of 'Fury' at the 58th British Film Institute London Film Festival

Jon Bernthal
Jon Bernthal
Jon Bernthal and Logan Lerman
Jon Bernthal and Logan Lerman
Jon Bernthal

58th BFI LFF: Fury - Photocall

58th BFI LFF: Fury - photocall held at the Corinthia Hotel.

Logan Lerman, Brad Pitt, David Ayer and Michael Pena
Logan Lerman, Brad Pitt, Michael Pena, Shia LaBeouf and Jon Bernthal
Logan Lerman, Brad Pitt, Michael Pena, Shia LaBeouf and Jon Bernthal
Logan Lerman, Brad Pitt, Michael Pena, Shia LaBeouf and Jon Bernthal
Logan Lerman, Brad Pitt, Michael Pena, Shia LaBeouf and Jon Bernthal

Video - Brad Pitt, Shi Lebouf, Michael Peña And The Stars Of 'Fury' Arrive For The Films New York Premiere - Pt2

The stars of 'Fury' arrived for the New York film premiere to mixed responses from photographers and onlookers. Brad Pitt entered to a tremendous applause and much screaming. Michael Peña and Jon Bernthal both made comparatively modest entrances.

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People Magazine 'Ones To Watch' Party

Jon Bernthal - A variety of up and coming stars took to the red carpet for the People Magazine 'Ones To Watch' Party at The Line Hotel in Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 9th October 2014

Jon Bernthal

Fury - International Trailer and Featurette

During April, 1945, the final month of World War Two, the Allied Forces are making their final push into German territory. With the recent death of one of the crew of the tank, 'Fury', Norman (Logan Lerman) is inducted into the crew. The other members, 'Wardaddy' (Brad Pitt), 'Bible' (Shia LaBeouf), 'Gordo' (Michael Pena) and 'Coon-Ass' (Jon Bernthal) have been together for the entirety off the war so far, and desperately hope that the new recruit is ready to do his job. The film is brought to us by writer/director David Ayer ('Harsh Times' and 'End of Watch') and will be distributed by Columbia Pictures.

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