Review of Going Home Single by Jon Allen

Single Review for Going Home by Jon Allen.

Jon Allen Going Home Single

There seems to be something of an air of inevitability around Jon Allen's blast towards mega-dom. Originally from Devon, he's in effect a product of the Liverpool Institute For The Performing Arts which also gave us The Wombats and has in the past supported Radio 2 faves KT Tunstall and Jose Gonzalez. He also cites Dylan, Lennon and God as influences and you'll be familiar with Going Home from the Land Rover ad where the girl hot air balloons into some godforsaken place that ironically only an environment destroying 4x4 can reach.

The song in full is the kind of folksy accoustic yearning which indeed owes a pronounced debt to Dylan and could equally efficiently sell Coke, broadband or erectile disfunction pills. Of more interest is the accompanying Dead Man's Suit, an excercise in uptempo psychedlia tinged pop which reveals Allen's voice in full as a throaty growl and is reminiscent of The Coral, or The Fratellis if they were good.


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