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Johnny Ramone Guitar Sells For Almost $72,000 At Auction

26th January 2015

A rare guitar once owned by legendary Ramones rocker Johnny Ramone has sold at auction for just under $72,000 (£45,000).The red 1965 Mosrite Ventures V1 model was owned by the late punk icon in the...

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Rob Zombie Forms Ramones Covers Band For Cemetery Tribute Show

27th June 2014

Rob Zombie, Duff Mckagan and former Sex Pistols star Steve Jones have formed a Ramones covers group for the 10th annual Johnny Ramone tribute.Ramone's wife Linda will host the bash at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery,...

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Johnny Ramone's Widow Planning Biopic

13th March 2013

Johnny Ramone's widow is edging ever closer to a biopic about the punk group, revealing pal Johnny Depp has always been keen to play her late husband on film - but he might be too...

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Johnny Ramone's Memoirs Released Eight Years After His Death

18th January 2012

Late rocker Johnny Ramone's autobiography is finally going on sale later this year (12) - eight years after he died of prostate cancer.The Ramones star, who is considered one of the most influential guitarists in...

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Fascinating Fact 9711

25th July 2010


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Fascinating Fact 8997

22nd March 2010

The JOHNNY RAMONE statue at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery is modelled after a small bust ROB ZOMBIE designed to remember his friend.

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Ramone To Be Honoured With Horror Film

21st September 2009

Late punk icon JOHNNY RAMONE's 61st birthday will be celebrated with a classic horror show at the Los Angeles cemetery where he was laid to rest in 2004.The Ramones star's widow Linda and former bandmates...

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Ramone's Brother Slams Bandmate's Widow For Mccain Endorsement

3rd November 2008

The brother of late punk legend JOEY RAMONE has blasted the widow of his sibling's bandmate JOHNNY RAMONE after she publicly endorsed U.S. presidential candidate JOHN MCCAIN's bid for the White House. Linda Cummings, who...

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Reinhardt's Ramones Lawsuit Dismissed

23rd April 2008

Former RAMONES drummer RICHARD REINHARDT has lost a lawsuit against the estate of late bandmate JOHNNY RAMONE over outstanding royalties, after a judge threw the case out of court. Reinhardt, aka Richie Ramone, filed suit...

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The Things They Say 5980

29th October 2007

"Write a tell-all? Yucchh! Well, there was one night when JOHNNY RAMONE pissed into a glass of beer and handed it to JOHNNY ROTTEN who drank it." BLONDIE star DEBBIE HARRY happily reveals the backstage...

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Ramones Drummer Sues Late Bandmate

22nd September 2007

Former RAMONES drummer RICHARD REINHARDT is suing the estate of late bandmate JOHNNY RAMONE and the punk group's management company, claiming he's owed $1 million (GBP500,000) in royalties. Reinhardt, aka Richie Ramone, claims he never...

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Arquette To Premiere Horror Film In A Cemetery

11th April 2007

Quirky movie star DAVID ARQUETTE will premiere his new horror film at Hollywood's most famous cemetery tonight (11APR07). The SCREAM star's directorial debut, THE TRIPPER, will get its celebrity pre-release screening at the Hollywood Forever...

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Morrissey Has Grave Marked Out

8th February 2007

Morbid musician MORRISSEY has already marked out the spot where he wants to be buried - next to late punk idol JOHNNY RAMONE. The former SMITHS frontman picked his designated spot after a long search...

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Ramone Fights Emotions At Screening

5th October 2006

MARKY RAMONE struggled to contain his emotions at the London screening of RAMONES docu-film TOO TOUGH TO DIE: A TRIBUTE TO JOHNNY RAMONE last night (04OCT06), because it highlighted the painful fact he is the...

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Cage Credits Ramone For Wicker Man Inspiration

26th August 2006

NICOLAS CAGE's first horror movie is a tribute to late pal JOHNNY RAMONE. The movie star is producing and starring in a remake of cult 1973 EDWARD WOODWARD film THE WICKER MAN - a nod...

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Vedder Pays Tribute To Best Friend Ramone

20th June 2006

PEARL JAM frontman EDDIE VEDDER penned new hit LIFE WASTED on the car journey back from pal JOHNNY RAMONE's funeral. The ALIVE singer was overcome with a sense of loss and mourning and admits the...

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Cage 'Disturbed' By Wicker Man

8th October 2005

NICOLAS CAGE was thrilled to be offered a part in the upcoming remake of the 1973 horror classic THE WICKER MAN, because the original movie haunted him for weeks. Cage, 41, was introduced to...

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Vedder Tries To Quit Smoking After Ramone's Death

28th September 2005

PEARL JAM star EDDIE VEDDER is desperately trying to quit smoking - a habit he started as he attempted to cope with the suicide of fellow grunge icon KURT COBAIN. The rocker recently decided...

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Vedder's Home From Home At Ramone's House

27th September 2005

PEARL JAM star EDDIE VEDDER has a permanent home at late pal JOHNNY RAMONE's Los Angeles house - after the punk icon created a place for the rocker and his wife to stay before he...

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Ramones Museum To Open In Berlin

14th September 2005

A museum dedicated to the RAMONES is to open its doors on Friday (16SEP05) in Berlin, Germany. The memorial will house over 300 items of memorabilia, including a pair of the late JOHNNY RAMONE's...

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Presley's Painful Song About Johnny Ramone

20th April 2005

LISA MARIE PRESLEY struggles to sing new song WHEN YOU GO live because she wrote it as pal JOHNNY RAMONE was dying. The rocker reveals she penned the poignant song when she learned Ramone...

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Presley Faces Tough Questioning Over Ring

6th April 2005

LISA MARIE PRESLEY was left squirming in her seat during a TV interview yesterday (05APR05), when ELLEN DeGENERES tried to coax her into confirming reports she's engaged. Thrice-wed Presley, who is now dating...

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Is Presley Engaged Again?

28th January 2005

LISA MARIE PRESLEY is at the centre of a new engagement rumour after she was spotted wearing a new ring on her wedding finger at a recent memorial service for rocker pal JOHNNY RAMONE....

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Ramone To Be Honoured With Cemetery Statue

7th January 2005

Late punk icon JOHNNY RAMONE is to be honoured with a new statue at Los Angeles' famous Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The RAMONES star's widow LINDA has arranged for the tribute to be unveiled during...

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Ramone Never Intended To Include Mother In Will, Says Gallo

28th December 2004

LATEST: Cult film-maker VINCENT GALLO has defended JOHNNY RAMONE's widow LINDA CUMMINGS over claims she altered her husband's will. The outspoken actor and director says the RAMONES star - real name JOHN CUMMINGS -...

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Wife And Mother Battle Over Johnny Ramone Estate

24th December 2004

Late punk icon JOHNNY RAMONE's estate has become the focus of a battle between his widow LINDA CUMMINGS and mother STELLA CUMMINGS. The former RAMONES star - real name JOHN CUMMINGS - died on...

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Ramone's Unfinished Book Set To Be Published

19th December 2004

JOHNNY RAMONE's unfinished book is set see the light of day, months after the rocker's death. Ramone died on 15 September (04) of prostate cancer, leaving his anticipated tome incomplete, but now his bandmate...

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Rockers Line Up At Ramones Tribute

11th October 2004

A galaxy of rockers including THE STROKES, BLONDIE and SONIC YOUTH have paid tribute to legendary punk band THE RAMONES at a benefit concert in New York. Friday (08OCT04) night's BE WELL, RAMONES BEAT...

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Johnny Ramone Cancer Show Becomes A Tribute

1st October 2004

A breast cancer charity concert in New York is hastily being revamped as a tribute to organiser JOHNNY RAMONE. Ramone booked BLONDIE and THE STROKES to play at the Cedars Sinai Cancer Research Center...

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Johnny Ramone Dies Of Cancer

16th September 2004

THE RAMONES guitarist JOHNNY RAMONE has lost his battle with prostate cancer at the age of 55. The New York legend, real name JOHN CUMMINGS, has been fighting the disease for five years and...

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