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Modest Mouse Return After Eight Years With New Album 'Strangers To Ourselves'

Modest Mouse Johnny Marr

Modest Mouse are set to make a very welcome return with their first album in eight years 'Strangers To Ourselves'. It's been a long time coming for this Washington quartet but fans can now breathe a sigh of relief for their comeback.

Modest Mouse promo
Modest Mouse to release their new album 'Strangers To Ourselves'

After that nautical fun that was 2007's US number one album 'We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank', fans were no doubt eager to see what they brought up next. When Johnny Marr (formerly of The Smiths) was replaced by Grandaddy's Jim Fairchild a little before the album's release to join The Cribs, recording took a backseat for a while. While they continued to tour, play festivals and release 2009 EP 'No One's First and You're Next', it's only now that album seven has finally come to fruition.

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Johnny Marr - Dynamo

'Dynamo' is the new song taken from Johnny Marr's second solo album 'Playland', released in October 2014 through New Voodoo records. The album has been produced alongside his long time collaborator James Doviak.

Musicians Succeed in Reversing Prison Guitar String Ban

Billy Bragg Johnny Marr Richard Hawley

Musical campaigners have successfully reversed a ban that had prevented inmates of British prisons from being able to use steel strings on guitars.

Billy Bragg prison guitar
Billy Bragg had led the campaign to reverse the steel guitar string ban in British prisons

The ban had meant that the only strings available to inmates were nylon ones, used primarily for classical and Spanish styles and largely unsuitable for steel-strung acoustic guitars due to the way that they’re attached. But now steel strings will be available again, to be paid for out of prisoners’ wages and earned on a privileges basis at the discretion of individual governors.

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