Johnny Knoxville was almost killed reenacting a famous Buster Keaton stunt for the second Jackass movie. A house facade was set up to fall on Knoxville, with the window passing over his head, leaving him unharmed, a recreation of the iconic stunt Keaton performed in 1928 movie STEAMBOAT BILL, JR. But Knoxville moved and it went horribly wrong. He says,""My head went through the window but my body got smashed. If my head had been smashed, it would have killed me. "We even had a stunt co-ordinator that day. We never have a stunt co-ordinator. He told me not to move. I moved." It was the second time Knoxville almost died during the shoot, after he held onto a rocket that misfired. Both the accidents prompted the cast to take out $7 million (GBP3.9 million) life insurance policies.