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Matt Smith Clowns Around At Adidas Party

Doctor Who Plan B Chemical Brothers Jaime Winstone Johnny English Matt Smith Pink Rosamund Pike Stella Mccartney The Games The Village

'Doctor Who' star Matt Smith dressed as a clown as he partied at a screening of the Chemical Brothers' film 'Don't Think' on Friday night (03.08.12).

The 29-year-old actor - who is to return to TV screens as the Time Lord in a matter of weeks - attended the special event hosted by adidas Underground and was more than happy to have his face painted and don an adidas Firebird track top to get into character for the theme of the bash.

The sports manufacturer created the official kit for Team GB with Stella Mccartney for the London 2012 Olympics and to celebrate The Games adidas is hosting a series of exclusive events at The Village Underground space in Shoreditch, east London.

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Tintin Debuts With $55.8 Million Overseas

Harry Potter Johnny English Rowan Atkinson

Overseas, Steven Spielberg's The Adventures of Tintin The Secret of the Unicorn had a solid debut in 19 countries, where it collected $55.8 million. Some 38 percent of that amount came from France, where the film opened with $21.5 million, the second biggest opening in that country this year after the final Harry Potter installment. Likewise, the movie was No. 2 for the year in Belgium, the home country of its creator, Hergé. The movie does not open in the U.S. until December 21. And while many reports maintain that the studio has delayed the domestic debut in hopes of garnering strong word-of-mouth -- presumably through social-network sites -- there are numerous examples of films performing solidly abroad, then tanking in the U.S. after a delay in the distribution process. One need look no further than the recent Rowan Atkinson comedy, Johnny English Reborn , which had earned more than $100 million overseas (its total is now up to $133 million) before debuting in the U.S. with just $3.8 million (it's now up to $4.5 million).

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Despite Audience Complaints, Paranormal 3 Sets Box-office Record

Nevertheless Disney Johnny English Paramount Pictures Sony

Even as many movie-related blogs were swamped with complaints from people who had seen Paranormal Activity 3 on Friday and Saturday and regarded it as an overhyped ripoff, more moviegoers Nevertheless poured into theaters on Sunday to see the movie, giving it the biggest opening of any new release ever in the months of September and October, according to The movie earned $52.6 million, more than all the other films on the top ten list of the box-office earners combined. But while Paranormal Activity 3 exceeded expectations, three other newcomers fell short of them. The Three Musketeers opened in fourth place with just $8.7 million. Johnny English Reborn , a huge hit already overseas with earnings in excess of $100 million, flopped on this side of the pond, opening in eighth place with $3.8 million. And the inspirational Mighty Macs opened in 15th place with just $963,221. On the other hand, Real Steel and the relatively low-budget Footloose each dipped just 34 percent from last weekend to wind up with second and third place respectively.

The top ten films over the weekend, according to final figures compiled by Box Office Mojo (figures in parentheses represent total gross to date) 1. Paranormal Activity 3 , Paramount, $52,568,183, (New); 2. Real Steel , Disney, $10,824,512, 3 Wks. ($66,732,152); 3. Footloose , Paramount, $10,351,207, (New); 4. The Three Musketeers , Summit, $8,674,452, (New); 5. The Ides of March , Sony, $4,853,051, 3 Wks. ($29,112,377); 6. Dolphin Tale, Warner Bros., $4,217,260, 5 Wks. ($64,407,935); 7. Moneyball , Sony, $3,981,852, 5 Wks. ($63,640,746); 8. Johnny English Reborn , Universal, $3,833,300, (New); 9. The Thing , Universal, $3,069,875, 2 Wks. ($14,049,220); 10. 50/50 , Summit, $2,835,208, 3 Wks. ($28,820,748).


Box Office Results Are Downright Paranormal

Johnny English

Box-office pundits could use a little paranormal assistance these days. Many, if not most, of their predictions have turned out to be wide of the mark in recent weeks, this weekend included. To be sure, they had predicted that Paranormal Activity 3 would be the top ticket seller, but their predictions ranged from $30 million to $40 million. In fact, with an estimated $54 million, the movie, which reportedly was made for $5 million, turned out to be the biggest October hit in box office history. The pundits had also predicted that two other new entries would finish well behind Paranormal -- but they over estimated how much The Three Musketeers and Johnny English Reborn would earn -- which turned out to be a puny $8.8 million for the former and $2.8 million for the latter. Once again, Real Steel and Footloose waged a close race, with Real Steel taking second place with $11.3 million, edging out Footloose, which took third with $10.9 million, according to the estimates.

The top ten films over the weekend, according to final figures compiled by Box Office Mojo (figures in parentheses represent total gross to date) 1. Paranormal Activity 3, $54 million; 2. Real Steel , $11.3 million; 3. Footloose, $10.9 million; 4. The Three Musketeers 3D , $8.8 million; 5. The Ides of March, $4.9 million; 6. Dolphin Tal e, $4.2 million; 7. Moneyball, $4.1 million; 8. Johnny English Reborn , $3.8 million; 9. The Thing , $3.1 million; 10. 50/50 , $2.8 million.


Movie Reviews Johnny English Reborn

Rowan Atkinson Austin Powers In America Johnny English Mr Bean Shameless The New York Times

People either love Rowan Atkinson or hate him. Those among the former amount to a virtual cult In America -- although he has a massive following overseas. Those among the latter -- well, let's just say that they represent the vast majority of U.S. moviegoers. Critics in this country are likewise divided over the comedian, who first came to prominence on PBS via his Mr. Bean TV series, which originated on Britain's ITV. In his latest film, Johnny English Reborn , writes Robert Abele in the Los Angeles Times, Atkinson is given the "chance to add to his prodigious slapstick abilities a well-honed gift ... for hundred-yard-stare arrogance and a withering baritone. The gangly performer can combine the two in the subtlest of ways for brilliant effect." Stephen Holden in The New York Times suggests that the movie is not likely to resonate with a "jaded American audience for gross-out pranks." However, he concludes, "As the movie glides along, it may not elicit explosive laughter, but it plants a steady smile on your face and doesn't leave you feeling molested." Mick LaSalle in the San Francisco Chronicle suggests that the spy spoof may amount to "an ideal vehicle for the gifts of Rowan Atkinson, a superb physical comedian. He is also, in his way, an actor with a marvelous talent for conveying thin but blustery confidence that often gives way to suppressed humiliation and eye-darting panic." On the other hand, there's the majority of critics who seemingly are unable to bear Atkinson's brand of slapstick (or perhaps slapstick at all). Peter Howell of the Toronto Star calls the movie warmed over Austin Powers and Get Smart! " Johnny English Reborn makes no attempt to hide Atkinson's Shameless thievery, his lack of invention or even his graying hair," Howell writes. Sean O'Connell in the Washington Post notes that the tagline for the movie is "A little intelligence goes a long way." He then remarks, "Let's pray those contemplating this needless effort show a little intelligence and stay far away from any theater foolish enough to screen it." And Elizabeth Weitzman in the New York Daily News assigns a single star to Reborn, calling it an "airless spy spoof" in which "joke after joke falls painfully flat."

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Box Office To Witness Paranormal Activity

Rowan Atkinson Johnny English

There are few safe bets in Hollywood, but you can have no fear about putting your money on Paranormal Activity III to win the top spot at the box office this weekend. Forecasters disagree about how much the movie will make -- they're predicting anywhere from $30 million to $45 million -- but no other new film or holdover is expected to do even half that amount of business in the U.S. and Canada. It'll still be a winner, however, having cost just $5 million to produce, about $2 million more than Paranormal Activity II . The original Paranormal Activity was made for $15,000. The latest installment in the franchise does not face much in the way of serious competition. A 3D remake of the Alexander Dumas classic The Three Musketeers will likely produce only about $15 million in ticket sales (although it's expected to perform quite better overseas). The Rowan Atkinson spy spoof Johnny English Reborn will probably earn about half that much in the U.S. (it's already a huge hit overseas, where it will likely cross the $100-million mark this weekend). And playing in just under 1,000 theaters, the inspirational The Mighty Macs is expected to earn around $4 million.

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Rachel Weisz 'Makes Directors Think'

Rachel Weisz Anthony Hopkins Fernando Meirelles Gillian Anderson Johnny English Jude Law Phoenix The Script Thor Tom Hiddleston

Rachel Weisz questioned "every single word" of The Script for '360'.

The British actress stars alongside Jude Law and Sir Anthony Hopkins in the film about the inter-twining lives of people all over the world, and director Fernando Meirelles admitted he loves working with Rachel - who previously starred in his movie 'The Constant Gardner' - because she loves improvising in rehearsals.

Speaking at the European premiere of the film - which also opened the 55th London Film Festival - at the Odeon Cinema on Leicester Square last night, Fernando exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I love to work with Rachel because she loves to improvise and I love to improvise too.

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Gillian Anderson At The Premiere Of Johnny English Reborn At Empire, Leicester Square, London, England

Gillian Anderson, Johnny English and Empire Leicester Square Sunday 2nd October 2011 Gillian Anderson at the premiere of Johnny English Reborn at Empire, Leicester Square, London, England

Gillian Anderson, Johnny English and Empire Leicester Square
Gillian Anderson and Empire Leicester Square
Gillian Anderson, Johnny English and Empire Leicester Square
Gillian Anderson and Empire Leicester Square
Gillian Anderson and Empire Leicester Square
Gillian Anderson and Empire Leicester Square

Gillian Anderson Not Bossy With Kids

Gillian Anderson James Bond Johnny English Judi Dench Rowan Atkinson The X Files

Gillian Anderson finds it funny that she keeps being cast as bossy characters because she isn't strict in real life.

The 43-year-old actress plays a spy chief in comedy action movie 'Johnny English Reborn', and she admits it took her some time to get used to her character because she isn't strict with her children Piper, 17, Oscar, four and Felix, two.

Speaking at a press conference at Claridge's Hotel in London today (30.09.11), the former 'X-FILES' star told BANG Showbiz: "I don't know why I keep being cast as everybody's boss because if you saw me in my real life, in my black jeans and my flip-flops running around a playground with my kids I'm very different. I keep being cast in these roles and it cracks me up! That in and of itself is funny enough for me to say, 'Yes, why not, I'll show you!' "

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Rowan Atkinson Amused By Royals

Rowan Atkinson Johnny English Monarchy Mr Bean Prince Charles Prince William Royal Wedding

Rowan Atkinson sees the British royal family as a great "source of comedy".

The 'Johnny English Reborn' actor - who is a friend of Prince Charles - insists his love of making fun of the Monarchy is "born out of love and respect" for them, but he wouldn't ever want his work to be seen as "discrediting" them.

He said: "In 'Mr Bean' there was a 'thing' at the time about nutting the Queen Mother. We've inflicted violence on members of the royal family on a regular basis so it seems silly to stop now.

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Rowan Atkinson Crashes 635,000 Supercar

Rowan Atkinson James Bond Johnny English

Rowan Atkinson escaped with only a broken shoulder after crashing his £635,000 supercar.

The 'Mr. Bean'star was driving back to his Northamptonshire home, in the English midlands yesterday (04.08.11) after a day at work editing his latest movie 'Johnny English Reborn', a sequel to the 2003 movie Johnny English, about a clumsy English spy which parodies the James Bond genre, when the accident occurred.

His agent Peter Bennett-Jones said: "He is shaken but not stirred.

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