On Friday (May 11, 2012), Johnny Depp came face to face with his Japanese impersonator, Ken Shimzu. Ken had been waiting patiently at Narita airport in Tokyo, where Depp was promoting his latest movie, Dark Shadows but he wasn't hard to spot, in his yellow jacket, dark rimmed glasses, wide rimmed hat, moustache and goatee beard, looking very. well, looking very much like a Japanese Johnny Depp, unsettling as that may sound.
Johnny took the time to pose for photos with Ken once he'd stepped off the plane and the similarity been the two was quite uncanny. The crowd waiting for Johnny at the airport was huge and The Daily Mail today posted pictures of the Hollywood actor greeting some of his younger fans who had dressed up as chipmunks for him. Most of the fans awaiting him at the airport were desperately trying to capture him on their cameras, which were all held aloft, though some had brought gifts and home made placards with messages such as "thank you for coming Johnny."
At a press conference in Tokyo, the Dark Shadows director Tim Burton managed to scare a few people in attendance by taking a tumble off the back of a 3ft high platform, on which he and Depp were stood. Luckily for Tim, a staff member at the conference spotted that he was about to slip and caught him before he hit the floor. He was unfazed by the incident and simply stepped back onto the platform and carried on waving to the audience. Dark Shadows enjoyed its Japanese premiere on Friday, at the Roppongi Hills Arena.