Trojan Bosses Want Depp To Front Condoms - Comments and Message Board

omg i could soooo see johnny depp selling alot of condoms for trojan if he did front them

Posted 7 years 5 months ago by Chantel_Loves_jaime

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Obviously, if this is true, Johnny is a very good choice. He had to have been very responsible, even when self medicating, to have had safe sex. He is one star that does not have "little Johnnys" running all over the place with all kinds of different women. He dated some of the highest profile women out there, but still did not reproduce. He chose to be safe about it and had his family with a woman he admired and fell in love with. That was the right choice for your children Johnny. You have influence, hopefully others will learn your wisdom. I say, "thumbs up!"

Posted 7 years 5 months ago by irishmeow

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