Ah, the Super Bowl, the time of year when we all get super-hyped about American Football, even those of us that don’t really give it a second thought for the rest of the year. It’s also the time of year, of course, that the major movie studios show us where they’re throwing their weight, treating their biggest players to a prime-time Super Bowl advert. It’s one of the most lucrative advertising slots of the year, with major companies vying to out-do each other, year upon year.

Deadline announced that the Lone Ranger will be one of the movies to show a trailer during the Super Bowl coverage; one of the few that have already had trailers out (as well as Iron Man 3). Starring Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as the title character, there have already been two trailer releases for The Lone Ranger, showcasing Gore Verbinski’s comic action adventure and now we’ll get a new 90 second trailer. It’s the classic tale of John Reid, a man of the law turned lone ranger fighting for justice. It looks as though the real star of the show, though, is going to be Johnny Depp, in the role of Tonto, a man of few words, but poignant ones.

Also being treated to a Super Bowl airing will be The Fast and the Furious 6 (… yes, ‘6.’ We know… We know…), Oz: The Great And Powerful and a 30 second ad for Star Trek Into Darkness. 

Watch the trailer for The Lone Ranger