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I have a few points to make about this article.1) I think it's funny how none of the pictures on this article relate to Vanessa. The pictures included aren't even of Johnny, it's a Edward Scissorhands impersonator.2) She wasn't "caught". She was forced to go on the crappy awards show... they told her if she didn't, they wouldn't play her songs on the radio anymore. So, she agreed to go and perform, but she rebelled and didn't give it her all. She didn't even hold a mic, in order to show viewers what kind of bland show NRJ puts on, and that they mostly just have performers lipsynch.Yes, she lipsynched. Wow, multitudes of celebrities do it. Yes, she didn't give it her all. She was forced to go, and she didn't have her band/friends around her. Give the girl a break.I wish these websites would get the story right, and not just propagate crap and insult Vanessa.

Posted 8 years 1 week ago by raechuul

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WHOOPS!I'm sure she's not the first singer to lip-sync (if she really did it). She's just one of a few to get caught. Who knows what the real story is anyway.

Posted 8 years 1 week ago by sher8181

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