A new Lone Ranger trailer has been released by Disney ahead of the film's release in 2013. The celebrated western character the Lone Ranger has been revamped and rebooted plenty over the past 60 years or so, but this could be his highest profile yet as he's joined by that most eccentric of Tontos - Johnny Depp. Depp teams up with Armie Hammer, who plays the ranger, in a film that's already caused its fair share of controversy, not least in deciding to cast Depp as native American Tonto. Depp is one quarter Cherokee however. Another worry is that Depp will overshadow Hammer, something that his outrageous costume for the film would suggest has foundation.

This new trailer doesn't really put that issue to bed, but it does at least provide a bit more of the backdrop for where the two characters will be vying for attention. A voiceover talks about how horses used to be the fastest that man could travel, only for wide shots to then focus on a steam train, the implication being that then change in technology is set to change the world, and those who control that change and control the world. Deep stuff. The 90 second clip focuses on action shots, not showing the two main protagonists until they sidle into shot about a minute in, looking over a great valley together. You can see it for yourself below. The film comes out next summer.