Johnny Depps daughter has outgrown Justin Bieber

Johnny Depp's daughter is over Justin Bieber.

The 50-year-old actor has revealed that 13-year-old daughter Lilly-Rose is no longer an ardent 'Belieber', despite being treated to a backstage meet and greet with Justin in 2011, as her music tastes are developing.

Speaking to E! News, he said: ''She thinks that Bieber is obviously talented and stuff, but she's now moving into other arenas of music in her life. The sounds are changing now.''

Johnny is a huge music fan himself - he famously played slide guitar on the Oasis song 'Fade In-Out' from their 1997 album 'Be Here Now' - but his daughter is too embarrassed to go to concerts with him.

He said: ''She prefers I didn't go to concerts with her, especially don't take her to concerts. That's out of the question.''

After Lily-Rose met Justin, Johnny - who also has a son Jack, 11, with his ex-partner Vanessa Paradis - admitted he was baffled by the effect the 'Baby' hitmaker had on his daughter.

He previously said: ''It was quite astonishing to see your child in this kind of like frozen [state]''

Johnny is currently promoting his new Western movie 'The Lone Ranger' - in which he plays Native American Tonto opposite Armie Hammer, the movie's titular character.


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