Johnny Depp is worried about ''greasy little horrors'' trying to date his daughter.

The 'Lone Ranger' star - who has 14-year-old girl Lily-Rose and son, Jack, 11, with his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Paradis - admits, like many other dads, he is concerned about his little girl becoming interested in boys now she is going through puberty.

Quizzed about teenage troubles he is dreading on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' last night (27.06.13), he said: ''Just you know ... The things that a father fears, like some greasy little horror showing up at your door!''

Despite his concerns, the 50-year-old actor says he has a ''perfect'' relationship with Lily-Rose. However, he does concede that dealing with his young daughter is more complex than his relationship with his son because she manipulates his emotions.

He explained: ''My boy Jack is 11 and he's simple, low key, solid. One word texts [like], 'Yep', 'No', 'Same.' At our very base, I think, men, we're simpletons, really. And girls are infinitely more complicated and brilliant, you know. They know how to manoeuvre and manipulate dad to the umpteenth degree.''

Promoting his new Western Disney movie - in which he stars opposite Armie Hammer - Johnny reveals he is extremely passionate about his role as Native American warrior Tonto because he feels the race has been ''misrepresented horribly'' in movies in the past.

He said: ''I thought it was a great opportunity to flip that cliché on its head and bring the respect back to these dignified people. If there's 15, 20 kids on a reservation somewhere, who watch this film and walk away feeling proud of their heritage, proud of their culture and want to keep their language, their culture alive, if they get that, I feel my job is done.''