Eccentric Johnny Depp once got caught at U.S. customs with a bag full of dead piranhas, vampire bats and exploding vitamin powder.
The movie star claims he was flying into Florida from Peru when an airport official thought he'd come across the biggest arrest of his career.
During a recent appearance on Britain's Graham Norton Show, Depp explained he was stopped at customs and asked to open his travel luggage.
He said, "(I) unzipped (the bag) and there just happened to be some sort of vitamin powder that I was taking at the time... and, Poof!, there were these piranhas and bats covered in white powder... The guy thought he'd found the motherload... Everybody came out with guns."
But the matter was quickly resolved and Depp was allowed to go on his way. He didn't reveal if he was allowed to leave the airport with his strange cargo or why he was carrying it - or even if he was joking about the far-fetched tale.
But he cleared up the host's speculation that the powder was actually cocaine, insisting it was just vitamins, adding, "Otherwise I would still be in jail."