With producer Jerry Bruckheimer, director Gore Verbinski and actor Johnny Depp back together for the first time since 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' became one of the most successful movie franchises of all time,' interest in 'The Lone Ranger' is huge, and once again it's Depp's character who looks set to steal the show; Depp plays Tonto and has already previewed his striking look. Now Bruckheimer's revealed to MTV News that it'll be Tonto who narrates the tale.
"It's him telling the story of the Lone Ranger. ... It's his voice," Bruckheimer explained "He's not the servant that he was in the radio series and television series. He's quite a different character." Bruckheimer went on to praise Depp's famous attention to detail over his role, commenting "I think Johnny creating that character, he did it on his own. He went out with his makeup people and found an iconic image that he loved and created it for himself. He did the makeup, showed me a picture and said, 'Let's go make this movie.' It just took a while to convince Disney to go make it!"
The film apparently "has some fantasy elements in it. It's grounded, but there are spiritual elements to it," but added "It's its own thing. It certainly has elements of humor, which Gore brings to everything he does, and great action as well. It's kind of like 'The Odd Couple' meets 'The Wild Bunch.' " And with the success of 'Pirates.' when the three got together, Bruckheimer teased that he hoped 'The Lone Ranger' would lead to similarly successful sequels, stating "Hopefully this one's going to work, and if they allow us to make more, we'll make more." We can hardly wait.