There are two ways of viewing Johnny Depp’s hints that he might be quitting acting: the last decade of his films have been such a disaster, he might as well quit now, a rich healthy man, or, he’s actually reached a spiritual level of depth and it’s just ‘right’ for him to put down the script.

You know what? If he does throw the towel in, we think it’ll be because of a mixture of them both.

Johnny Depp in Lone Ranger
Depp as Tonto - it didn't go down well

"At a certain point you start thinking. When you add up the amount of dialogue that you say per year and you realise that you've said written words more than you've had a chance to say your own words, you start thinking about that as an insane option for a human being. Are there quieter things that I wouldn't mind doing? Yeh, I wouldn't mind that," he said to The BBC. "I wouldn't say I'm dropping out any second, but I would say it's probably not too far away," he added.

Depp turned from alternative star with indie-flick tendencies to Hollywood blockbuster fodder, signing up for multiple films and failing to light up many of them. His once-lauded, purposefully clumsy, inebriated portrayal of Jack Sparrow grew tiresome, and The Lone Ranger, an unmitigated disaster for Disney, seems to have been the last straw for Depp’s ego.

Johnny Depp in Lone RangerWill this film lead to Johnny Depp's retirement?

So what could he do now? Direct? It’s not entirely his fault that most of his recent films have been rubbish – he didn’t direct, write or cast them. If we were Depp, and we’re really not, we’d relax in the knowledge that a lifetime of Hollywood premieres, houses in Italy and expensive white shirts would see us through an early retirement.