Johnny Depp lives like a ''vagabond''.

'The Lone Ranger' actor is used to travelling around the world for his movie career because his family moved home so many times as a child, and he doesn't feel as though there's any single place he can call home.

He explained: ''I mean, I'm still enigmatic ... still kind of a vagabond's existence in a way because you're always on location, or you're travelling here or there. But the weird thing is, because we moved so many times as kids, the idea of packing ... it's just sort of the memory of taking all your stuff as a kid to another joint. Home is pretty much on the road.''

However, when he's not on location, the 50-year-old star finds himself travelling back to Los Angeles because that's where his children - daughter Lily-Rose, 14, and 11-year-old son John - go to school.

He added to ITV's 'Daybreak': ''Home, mostly because my kids go to school [there], so these days when I'm not shooting, obviously Los Angeles.''

Johnny split from the mother of his kids, actress-and-singer Vanessa Paradis, in June 2012 and believes the separation has made him closer to Lily-Rose and John.

He said: ''Anything like that, for anyone, is always difficult to go through, especially difficult when there are kids involved and quite grown kids. I think it went as well as it could have possibly gone and it's been interesting and a great sort of bonding experience for all of us in a weird way, all going through that together. It's been a pretty intense bonding experience.''