Johnny Depp has poked fun at criticism of his sign language efforts in Sir Paul McCartney's My Valentine video after deaf music fans highlighted a mistake in the promo.
The Beatles legend recruited the Pirates of the Caribbean hunk and actress Natalie Portman to sign the lyrics to his new song in a black-and-white film directed by MCCartney himself and Depp enjoyed taking part in the shoot.
He says, "I've known him on and off through the years and ran into him. Then he gave me a call and asked me if I would be interested in being in his video. (I said), 'Certainly, let's do it.' It was a gas (a lot of fun)."
However, deaf devotees were quick to point out errors made by the actors, claiming Portman signs the word 'tampon' instead of 'appear', while Depp makes the motion for 'enemy' while attempting 'valentine'.
Depp admits he struggled to learn all of the different signs in a short period of time, but he has laughed off the mistake and has jokingly blamed it on his tutor.
He tells WENN, "I had to learn this sign language thing which is... all kind of different. Apparently instead of signing 'love,' I might've signed 'murder'. But I was only copying what the guy showed me so track him down!"