Johnny Depp channelled his inner Keith Richards again, only this time it wasn't for a Pirates of the Caribbean scene, but a performance alongside rockers The Black Keys at this years MTV Movie Awards.
Depp was honoured with the MTV Generation Award at the ceremony that took place last night (Sunday 3rd June), but rather than being treated to a performance Depp was much more interested in getting up on stage and joining in with the fun.
Wearing his trademark wide-brim cap and his usual cadre of accessories, the Dark Shadows actor strummed and strutted his way through rhythm duties with the Keys. Throughout the performance it looked as though no one from the band could believe this was happening, as they played their hit 'Gold on the Ceiling' before Depp accepted his award from Aerosmith's Joe Perry and Steven Tyler.
Depp kept the speech short though, a simple thank you for the "quite an amazing honour" seemed to suffice as it was clear that Depp only had one thing on his mind and that was to start playing with the band again. The Black Keys and their latest member then launched into the song 'Lonely Boy' in what was quite a show stopping way to accept an award.