Movie star Johnny Depp's sister helped him perfect his latest role as an oddball CIA agent in Once Upon A Time In Mexico, by buying him the tackiest T-shirts she could find.

The actor decided his character MR SANDS would be a "cheesy" agent with a wacky wardrobe and a collection of fake moustaches and wigs, and he asked his sister in Florida to help him look the part.

He explains, "Florida has no shortage of idiotic T-shirts."

As a result, Depp appears wearing one T-shirt that reads 'C.I.A: Cleavage Inspection Agency' and another with the words 'I'm With Stupid' over an arrow pointing at his genitals.

Depp admits he wanted to go even further with his crazy wardrobe ideas.

He adds, "I was also desperately looking for one of those baseball caps that say 'S***head' and has a picture of a coil of dookie on the bill."

16/09/2003 02:27