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Iam so glad that you didn't overdose either.We have lost alot of good actors from it.It wasn't your time to go and sure thankful for it.This would be a boring world without you.Iam glad you survived.

Posted 9 years 9 months ago by kathy

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hey, mr depp. you didnt need all that extra-ciricular activities to know that you didnt need all of that. the was the devil tempting you and almost got you. hand you kept going, yes you would have ended up in either the grave yard, or someplace else, like the 3 or 4th floors of the looney bin. i'm so glad that you came to your senses and realized that there's more out there than meets the eye. glad to have above the ground ,mr depp. and thanks for not giving in to the devil, we love you for just you being you. the world would have lost a talented actor, and a face above the crowd.....THANKS (and thanks to god) your mother and family i know appreciates god right about now!!!!!

Posted 9 years 9 months ago by depp 3

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