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i dont think Johnny is actualy WORRIED... i think it's just surprise that he's been around so long (as it says in the article) the thing is... he never wanted to be famous.. well.. not movie star fame anyway.. n now that he's completely out there whoa famous like... he's in shock... i guess... he never said he worried about having to pump gas... ok... i've kinda cofuzed mahself n this comment is just.. bLaH... so i'm gon stop it herex Nash

Posted 9 years 4 months ago by SpeakOutloud16

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Again, I laugh when I read the things Johnny is supposed to have "said". I take it all with a grain of never knows is what context things were said, or IF they were said. But, he really has nothing to worry about. He has mega bucks right now..if he's worried, he can do what ever other normal American boy/girl/family has to do...downsize.Sell that huge castle in England, sell that huge Gothic mansion in LA, sell that island in the Bahama's. Live on the ranch (who knows what size it is) in France, or sell that and live in your huge Airstream. I don't think Vanessa will stick around for that. She has an apartment in New York, live in have enough money right now to do whatever, even if you never worked again. That's more than 99% of all the other people out there. Get real.

Posted 9 years 5 months ago by irishmeow

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Has anyone ever got together and shared pictures of their rooms with Depp Pictures? I have had him on my walls since 1999. It has gotten kind of crazy at times, depending on my mood.

Posted 9 years 5 months ago by thelmamaude

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