Johnny Depp was suspended from his high school for two weeks after he flashed his backside at a teacher.

The EDWARD SCISSORHANDS star showed early signs of his legendary wildman behaviour when he expressed his distaste to a bullying teacher by dropping his pants.

He recalls, "There was this vicious woman, a teacher. If you weren't in her little hand-picked clique, you were ridiculed and picked on. She was brutal and unjust.

"One day she told me to do something... Her tone was nasty. She got very loud in my face in front of the rest of the class and tried to embarrass me.

"I saw what she was doing, that she was trying to ridicule me. I turned around and walked away. As I did, I dropped my drawers and mooned her.

"She went out of her mind. Then, of course, I was brought before the dean and suspended."

12/04/2004 13:22