Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp has no regrets about his wildman past, even though he knows he would have spent the first two decades of his adulthood more productively without drugs.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean actor quit his "dumb-a*s" narcotic-fuelled lifestyle prior to the birth of his daughter LILY six years ago (99).

The 42-year-old says, "There came a point where I'd just had enough. I think it was the point in my life when I was about to become a father.

"Then my first child arrived and you have a slew of realisations. They attack you. I had that moment where I thought, 'Oh, now I get it. Now I understand what it's all about.'

"I realised I'd wasted a lot of years being a dumb-a*s. But at the same time it's what I went through and made me who I am."

Depp is living with French singer/actress Vanessa Paradis. They have two children, LILY and Jack.