It's not as if we needed to be told, but Johnny Depp's performance in The Lone Ranger, according to co-star Armie Hammer, is fantastic. Hammer - who plays the titular role in the film, has described Depp as ""f*cking beautiful."

Directed by Gore Verbinski, the man behind Pirates of The Caribbean, The Lone Ranger will see a successful partnership reinstated. "Pardon my French," remarks Hammer," but it is f---ing beautiful," he says of Depp's performance. "It's so much fun watching Johnny do what he's so good at: larger than life characters who feel so real. There will be lines in the script, and then Johnny says, 'Wouldn't it be funnier if I just do this with a look?' Everybody goes, 'Well, I don't know if that's possible; the audience needs to understand this.' And he'll go, 'No, no, like this.' And he'll do the look, and everyone will say, 'That's perfect!' He knows what he does well, and he does it well for sure."

On August 12, 2011, Disney announced that production on The Lone Ranger would be delayed due to budget concerns. "When I signed onto the movie, I looked at the budget: '$250 million? Where's all of that going to?' And then I showed up on set and saw the scale of what they'd done, and it made total sense," Hammer added to MTV.