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Fascinating Fact 4029

1st October 2007

JOHNNY DEPP's leading role as CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW in movie blockbuster PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN has been voted the U.K.'s favourite film character in a new poll by British magazine Total Film. Sparrow beat STAR...

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The Things They Say 5575

13th September 2007

"I don't want to call her a liar, but, between JOHNNY DEPP and ORLANDO BLOOM, I don't know." Actor JAMES MCAVOY is flattered by ATONEMENT co-star KEIRA KNIGHTLEY's comments about his kissing skills....

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Burton Honoured At Venice

6th September 2007

Film director and producer Tim Burton was handed an award recognising his lifetime achievement last night at the Venice Film Festival.Johnny Depp, who is starring in Burton's latest film Sweeney Todd, handed Burton the Golden...

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The Things They Say 5463

29th August 2007

"When it comes to nudity onscreen, unless I have a love scene with JOHNNY DEPP, I plan to keep some clothes on." Former THE O.C. star RACHEL BILSON plans to keep covering up in her...

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Samantha Morton Confirms Pregnancy

8th August 2007

Academy award-nominated actress Samantha Morton has confirmed she is expecting a baby with her director fiance Harry Holm.Morton, who starred in the Hollywood blockbuster Minority Report, is currently filming her new movie Synecdoche ion New...

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Damon 'Best Value For Money'

7th August 2007

BOURNE ULTIMATUM star MATT DAMON gives the best return on his performances, according to a new survey.The Hollywood actor came top of a list which calculated the amount of money made compared to the fee...

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Matt Damon 'Best Value Star'

7th August 2007

Matt Damon has emerged as the best value film star when film returns are compared to his salary per dollar.The Forbes magazine survey suggests that the Bourne Ultimatum actor makes $29 (14) for every $1...

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Cruise Beats Depp In Records Book

7th August 2007

TOM CRUISE has toppled JOHNNY DEPP as the world's most powerful movie star in the new Guinness Book of World Records. Depp fronted the list last year (06), but Cruise is once again on top,...

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Depp Kennels His Dangerous Dogs

2nd August 2007

JOHNNY DEPP allegedly kennels two aggressive Rottweilers in Anaheim, California - because he can't bare to have them around his young kids. The movie star pays hefty fees at the Crossroads Country Club Pet Resort...

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Depp Breathes Life Into The Rum Diary

30th July 2007

Actor JOHNNY DEPP is bringing HUNTER S. THOMPSON's autobiographical novel THE RUM DIARY to the silver screen - seven years after he was announced as the leading man. Depp was cast to play the role...

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Ryder's Parents Refused To Let Her Wed Depp

30th July 2007

WINONA RYDER would have wed ex-boyfriend JOHNNY DEPP if her parents hadn't put an end to wedding talk. In a new interview with Vogue magazine, the actress and her father, Michael Horowitz, discuss the Heathers...

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Depp: It Was Love At First Sight With Vanessa

25th July 2007

Hollywood heartthrob JOHNNY DEPP has spoken of his "love at first sight" attraction to long-term lover VANESSA PARADIS.Depp, who has with Paradis for ten years and is rumoured to be getting married soon, claims that...

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Pirates Of The Caribbean Tv Show?

20th July 2007

JOHNNY DEPP's PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN character JACK SPARROW will feature in a new television series. Disney is reportedly planning to make a TV spin-off of the swashbuckling franchise with Sparrow as its main character....

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Depp Dubbed 'Arsehole' By Blur Star

12th July 2007

Actor JOHNNY DEPP has been branded an "arsehole" after trying to start a fight with BLUR bassist ALEX JAMES. The rocker reveals he found it difficult to interact with other celebrities when his band was...

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Richards Feared Depp Was Star-struck Pal Of Son

5th July 2007

ROLLING STONES star KEITH RICHARDS had a less-than-favourable response when he first met JOHNNY DEPP - he expected the actor to be another of his son's fawning friends. Richards and Depp have been firm pals...

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Hoffman Missed Out On Wonka

29th June 2007

Movie star DUSTIN HOFFMAN has revealed he fought JOHNNY DEPP for the role of WILLY WONKA in director TIM BURTON's movie adaptation of Roald Dahl's Charlie + The Chocolate Factory. The 69-year-old Tootsie star tells...

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Forster To Direct New Bond Film

20th June 2007

Marc Forster has been announced as the man to direct the 22nd James Bond film due for release in November 2008.The director behind Monster's Ball and Finding Neverland will take over the rejuvenated franchise after...

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Kate 'Wears Her Hats Well'

18th June 2007

Kate Middleton has been named as the best celebrity hat-wearer in a new poll from Luton's millinery and hat-making industry.The former girlfriend of Prince William has sported a few daring hats in her time and...

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Oprah Tops Forbes' Celebrity 100 List

15th June 2007

Oprah Winfrey has returned to the top of Forbes magazine's annual "Celebrity 100 Power List," replacing Tom Cruise, who slipped to No. 8. Forbes estimated her income over the past 12 months at $260 million....

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Knocked Up Makes Pirates Walk The Plank

7th June 2007

Stunning film executives, Universal's Knocked Up, playing in 2,871 theaters, has taken over the lead from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, playing in 4,362 theaters, since the weekend. On Monday, Knocked Up recorded...

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Stones Guitarist 'Will Be Gigging In His Wheelchair'

5th June 2007

Keith Richards has said he will be performing gigs for sometime yet as the Rolling Stones prepare to embark on a European tour."I'll do it my wheelchair," the Stones guitarist turned movie star told ITN,...

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Pirates Shines At Mtv Awards

4th June 2007

Piratesnot only captured the box office over the weekend but the MTV Movie Awards, too. Actually, it was the second installment, Dead Man's Chest, that received the trophies for best movie and best performance (Johnny...

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Borat And Depp Plunder Mtv Awards

4th June 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean stole the show at the MTV Movie Awards last night, taking home the two top gongs.The third installment of the swashbuckling franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, scooped the...

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Depp Thankful For Overcoming Alcoholic Past

30th May 2007

Actor JOHNNY DEPP is so thankful for his Hollywood career and happy family life - because he almost lost it all early on in his career when he became completely dependant on alcohol. The Pirates...

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Bruckheimer Won't Commit To Another Pirates Movie

29th May 2007

Although most analysts were quick to predict that the success of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End virtually guarantees a fourth installment -- and star Johnny Depp has indicated that he would be willing...

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Pirate Plunder Falls On Last Film

28th May 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is top of the US box office, but its sales are still likely to disappoint its studio backers.The third film in the piratical franchise, which stars Johnny Depp...

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Pirates Fails To Claim Box Office Treasure, Comes In Fifth

28th May 2007

New PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN sequel, AT WORLD'S END, appears to have fallen short of reclaiming its place in the U.S. box office record books - but JOHNNY DEPP and his crew are still celebrating....

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The Things They Say 4749

26th May 2007

"The jobs are the same - if you're gonna be in the rock business, you've got to be a bit of a pirate." KEITH RICHARDS on playing JOHNNY DEPP's dad in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN:...

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Depp: "I Was No Blockbuster Boy"

25th May 2007

Johnny Depp, who had previously been known -- if he had been known at all -- for his quirky performances in such art-house faves as Edward Scissorhands, Benny & Joon, What's Eating Gilbert Grape?, and...

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Depp All For Pirates 4?

25th May 2007

One of the biggest film releases of the year takes place this weekend as PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 3: AT WORLD'S END hits cinema screens.But no sooner has one swashbuckling adventure left the editing suite...

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