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'Depp Donates £1 Million To London Hospital'

Hollywood superstar JOHNNY DEPP has donated 1 million to Great Ormond Street Hospital.The PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN star gave the money to staff to thank them for saving his daughters life, reports the Daily Mail.Johnny's...

15th January 2008

The Things They Say 6786

"I've always been frightened of karaoke so I've never tried it. It scares the hell out of me. I've never been that drunk. I've been drunk - but not that drunk." Hollywood actor JOHNNY DEPP...

15th January 2008

Depp Gifts Hospital For Saving Daughter's Life

Hollywood actor JOHNNY DEPP has donated $500,000 (GBP1 million) to the London hospital that saved his daughter's life. The star was so grateful to the staff at Great Ormond Street children's hospital for treating eight-year-old...

15th January 2008

The Things They Say 6783

"I was always pretty shy. I didn't want to be the guy that everybody looked at." JOHNNY DEPP on why he refused to be the frontman of teenage band THE KIDS.

15th January 2008

Sondheim's Notes Almost Made Depp Pass Out

JOHNNY DEPP struggled with one song on the SWEENEY TODD soundtrack - because he had to hold a note he feared he'd never be able to. When the movie star signed up to play the...

15th January 2008

Depp Convinced Dillinger Wasn't 'So Big'

JOHNNY DEPP is relieved his manhood won't come into play when he portrays JOHN DILLINGER on the big screen - because he's convinced the infamous bankrobber's well-hung reputation is a myth. The Sweeney Todd: The...

14th January 2008

The Things They Say 6776

"I'm a dumb-ass, and I poisoned myself for years. Now I understand things better." JOHNNY DEPP on his reckless life before becoming a father and settling down with longtime partner VANESSA PARADIS.

14th January 2008

Depp: 'I Was A Terrible Salesman'

Movie hunk JOHNNY DEPP was the worst telesales person in the world - because he urged people not to buy the product he was selling. The Sweeney Todd star took a job selling pens over...

14th January 2008

Depp Hails Baron Cohen As Next Sellers

JOHNNY DEPP has likened British funnyman SACHA BARON COHEN to legendary comedian PETER SELLERS. The Hollywood actor stars in new movie SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET alongside Baron Cohen and admits he...

14th January 2008

Depp Stole Music Book To Become A Guitarist

JOHNNY DEPP's music career started with the theft of a chord book. The movie star, who has been lauded for his portrayal of singing barber Sweeney Todd in Tim Burton's dark new musical, admits he...

14th January 2008

Sweeney Todd Slices Up The Competition At The Golden Globes

JOHNNY DEPP's dark musical SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET was a double winner at the Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night (13Jan08). Depp himself claimed his first Globe after...

14th January 2008

Atonement, Gervais Win Globes

Keira Knightley's Atonement and comedian Ricky Gervais' television show Extras were honoured at last night's Golden Globe ceremony in Hollywood. Instead of the traditional star-studded event, the honours for the year's best in film and...

14th January 2008

Sweeney Todd Slices Up The Competition At The Golden Globes

JOHNNY DEPP's dark musical SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET was a double winner at the Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night (13Jan08). Depp himself claimed his first Globe after...

14th January 2008

Fascinating Fact 4631

CHRISTIAN BALE is set to portray legendary FBI agent MELVIN PURVIS opposite JOHNNY DEPP's gangster JOHN DILLINGER in director MICHAEL MANN's new movie PUBLIC ENEMIES.

12th January 2008

Depp: I Never Wanted To Act

Johnny Depp has said that he never wanted to be an actor and that music was always his "first love".In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine the star, who is currently promoting his new musical...

11th January 2008

Depp Persuaded To Become Star By Pal Cage

JOHNNY DEPP was persuaded to become an actor by NICOLAS CAGE - as the profession was an easy way of making money. The Pirates Of The Caribbean star admits he had no intention of turning...

10th January 2008

The Things They Say 6722

"Frogs' legs! I would suggest deep-frying." JOHNNY DEPP predicts what his own flesh would taste like while promoting SWEENEY TODD.

9th January 2008

Depp Fuels Apartment Property Boom

Hollywood star JOHNNY DEPP is fuelling a property-buying boom in a Los Angeles apartment block - after purchasing a flat on the premises. The actor - who lives in France with his wife Vanessa Paradis...

8th January 2008

The Things They Say 6701

"Yes, okay. Half the world would like to be with my boyfriend. More than half the world, in fact." Former pop star VANESSA PARADIS acknowledges her long-time partner JOHNNY DEPP's universal popularity.

7th January 2008

The Things They Say 6697

"I've never tried karaoke, it scares the hell out of me." SWEENEY TODD star JOHNNY DEPP isn't confident of his singing skills.

7th January 2008

Hollywood Stars To Boycott Golden Globes

LATEST: Hollywood stars like JULIA ROBERTS, KEIRA KNIGHTLEY and JOHNNY DEPP look set to boycott next weekend's (13Jan08) Golden Globes ceremony to show their support to striking writers. Actors represented by the Screen Actors' Guild...

5th January 2008

Depp Is Top Star

JOHNNY DEPP has been voted the world's most bankable film star in 2007, according to a survey of movie exhibitors. The annual survey by Quigley Publishing Co. asked theatre companies to vote for the 10...

4th January 2008

Depp Top Draw In 2007

Johnny Depp, who was once relegated to relatively low budget films because producers thought him too outr to attract sizable audiences, was named Top Money Making Star for the second year in a row in...

4th January 2008

Good Omens For Gilliam

Terry Gilliam has given new hopes to fans eager to see his long-mooted adaptation of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's novel Good Omens.A film of the book - which tells of the unlikely partnership of...

4th January 2008

Lohan Named 'Worst Actress'

Lindsay Lohan has capped a remarkable 2007 by being named the worst actress of the year.The 21-year-old had the latest in a long line of car crashes in May, attended rehab three times and spent...

2nd January 2008

Depp Hated Working With Horses

Actor JOHNNY DEPP has named and shamed the worst movie co-stars he's ever worked with - horses. The Hollywood star was dragged through mud and manure by the towering animals in the 1999 film Sleepy...

28th December 2007

Late Shows, Who Needs Them? Not New Movies

As it turns out, the movie studios haven't needed those late-night talk shows to promote their newest releases, after all. For the second weekend in a row, the box office produced solid results, soaring 36...

24th December 2007

Treasure Sequel Is Us No 1

National Treasure: Book of Secrets has seen off strong competition to take the number one spot in the American box office.The film, starring Nicholas Cage, took a total of $45.5 million (22.9 million) in its...

24th December 2007

Movie Reviews: Sweeney Todd

The publicity and merchandising folks responsible for drawing audiences to the movie theaters to see the musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street have had a tough time selling this film, despite the...

21st December 2007

Depp Proud To Make Woman Laugh For First Time In Years

JOHNNY DEPP has been left immensely proud of his work on the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN films - after a stranger told him his performances made his sick wife laugh for the first time in...

21st December 2007


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