Late country legend Johnny Cash reportedly hid a secret from his fans for years - he once impregnated his wife JUNE CARTER CASH's sister ANITA during an affair.

A source close to the couple refused to reveal the secret while the couple were alive, but has since come forward following Cash's death in September (03).

American tabloid NATIONAL ENQUIRER reports Anita agreed to abort the child to spare her sister embarrassment.

The source says, "Anita often toured with John and there was little doubt she was his lover - it wasn't rare for staff members to run into them together in hotel rooms.

"In the 1970s, Anita eventually got pregnant by John and had an abortion. June eventually found out about it."

The insider was there when Anita begged June for forgiveness from her deathbed in 1999.

He adds, "Anita died with a broken heart, knowing she had betrayed June and aborted her child."

June Carter Cash died earlier this year (03).

17/11/2003 09:50