Late country legend Johnny Cash's granddaughter CAITLIN narrowly escaped death after a drug overdose four years ago (01).

Cash's daughter, singer/songwriter Rosanne Cash reveals the shocking incident in the May (05) issue of America's CHILD magazine.

Rosanne explains, "This was not an isolated incident, but the nightmarish culmination of seven years of drug abuse, four stays in rehab, countless therapy sessions and interventions, multiple disciplinary actions from school, and literally hundreds of sleepless nights for me."

Rosanne admits she hid Caitlin's problems from the MAN IN BLACK star, who died in 2003 following complications from diabetes.

She says, "My marriage was stretched to breaking.

"I can only talk about it now, almost four years later, because enough time has passed, because she is doing so well, and because she gave me unequivocal permission to do so."

19/04/2005 21:53