Johnny Cash's son is hoping to give fans a look at the country icon's personal life by creating a new book filled with his late father's most intimate belongings.
John Carter Cash took charge of the Ring of Fire hitmaker's scrapbooks following his dad's passing in 2003, and he has compiled a collection of never-before-seen items for the book House of Cash in order to preserve his legacy.
The tome features the legend's high school diploma, old family recipes, personal artwork, love letters to his wife June, original poems and rare photos.
Cash says, "After my parents passed away it became necessary to go through their things and to go through the storage vaults. There were piles and piles of junk and there were also of course... great treasures. And through that process it sort of became a mission in my heart to want to share this deep view of my father...
"My father's life, in so many ways, was an open book. I think so many people out there might have a conception of him that he was a dark and foreboding man... Hopefully the reader will come away with a better understanding of my father's gentle nature, and the fact that he was a deeply spiritual man, a family man, (and he had) a great love for his family that never faltered."