Picture - John Witherspoon , Sunday 27th May 2012

John Witherspoon - Tommy Davidson(L) and Actor/Comedian John Witherspoon (R) Sunday 27th May 2012 backstage during 5th Annual Memorial Weekend Comedy Festival at the James L. Knight Center



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comedian leslie big les jones actor comedian tommy
tommy davidson(l) and actor comedian john witherspo
john witherspoon and leslie big les jones backstage
john witherspoon 5th annual memorial weekend comedy
john witherspoon celebrities arrive at the ed sulli
john witherspoon and son outside ed sullivan theatr
john witherspoon outside ed sullivan theatre for th
dr john witherspoon betty reese witherspoon and ree
dr john witherspoon ava phillippe reese witherspoon
dr john witherspoon reese witherspoon betty reese w
john witherspoon performs live during the 2nd annua

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