Fall brings us another Pixar film, a cinematic event that's become as predictable as it is highly anticipated.

The Incredibles marks a departure from G-rated fare for Pixar, and it's also the studio's first shot at creating an all-"human" cast. There's nary a talking fish, insect, toy, or monster to be found in The Incredibles; these stars are all people with real problems and familiar personalities. This little switch has the surprising effect of making us care far more about its heroes than ever before. You could have served up Nemo as sushi for all I care -- he's a freakin' fish! Mr. Incredible's got a wife, kids, and a mortgage, and his boss is a jerk. Toddlers may prefer a surfing turtle, but the rest of us are going to find The Incredibles Pixar's best film yet.

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