Hollywood superstar and aviation enthusiast John Travolta has bought himself an $11 million (GBP6 million) Zeppelin airship for Christmas (04).

The PULP FICTION star, who is a qualified pilot, told wife KERRY PRESTON he "had to have" one of the eight ton flying machines after spotting it in a festive catalogue from American department store NEIMAN MARCUS.

A source says, "John was blown away by it and told Kelly he had to have one. He can't wait to fly it, but she's told him he won't get it until Christmas day."

The airship will be the third plane 49-year-old star owns. He already has a $83 million (GBP46 million) Boeing 707 and a Gultstream executive jet at his Florida home, which is designed to look like an old-fashioned airport with runways, arrivals hall and a departure lounge.

05/12/2004 21:12