Celebrity Scientologists John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston insisted on conducting a new interview for style magazine LADIES HOME JOURNAL at the controversial church's headquarters in Florida.

The couple speak candidly about their beliefs in the interview, and Preston reveals she's one of the brains behind a Santa Monica, California, elementary school, which has its basis in Scientology.

She explains, "A couple of courses were written by L RON HUBBARD (Scientology's founder). He wrote a technology of how to study. The basics of it are to not go past a word that you don't understand."

Preston, who has been a Scientologist for 15 years, insists the 'religion' has made her a better person: "(I'm a) better wife, better mother, better friend. It's lightened my life so much that it's like, 'Wow, things can be as good as this?'"

Travolta hopes others, who are curious about Scientology, investigate and discover what they have.

He adds, "Kelly and I have really managed to have a life that is usually only written about in books. We are very lucky."

06/03/2005 10:38