John Travolta is not ready to forgive and forget the man who accused him of sexual assault in a hurry. On Friday (May 11, 2012), an anonymous masseur filed a lawsuit against the actor, claiming he paid him $200 per hour before stripping naked in a Beverly Hilton hotel room.
Travolta's attorney Marty Singer - dubbed a "legal pit-bill" by - claims he has proof that Travolta was not in Los Angeles on the day in question and therefore could not have hired the man for a massage. Singer - whose clients include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore- is now suing the masseur and his lawyer, on behalf of Mr Travolta, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Singer says the first step in dealing with the lawsuit is to bring a motion that forces the anonymous man to reveal his identity. He also accuses the man's attorney Okorie Okorocha of going after "15 minutes of fame as a lawyer", adding, "There is a heightened standard for a lawyer suing a celebrity and knowing the media will pick it up.The lawyer can't just rely on the client. He needs to do an investigation and has an obligation to do due diligence".
Travolta is understood to be the suing the accuser and his attorney for filing a lawsuit without any foundation or concern for reputation - he'll also be seeking punitive damages.