Who else hasn’t stopped cringing since John Travolta made the ultimate faux-pas in getting Idina Menzel’s name wrong in an epic way? Travolta was meant to introduce the Tony Award winning singer before her performance at the Oscars on Sunday night, but instead introduced someone called Adele Dazeem. Will the real Adele Dazeem please stand up? We repeat, will the real Adele Dazeem please stand up? We’re going to have a problem here.

john travolta idina menzel John Travolta prounced Idina Menzel's name entirely wrong at the Oscars

The problem being that there is no-one called Adele Dazeem, although Idina graciously looked over Travolta’s error and performed her Oscar winning song from Disney’s Frozen, Let It Go without drawing any attention to the mispronunciation. The Saturday Night Fever star has since apologised and admitted he’s been ‘beating [himself] up’ over the mistake, before attempting to humorously wriggle out of any embarrassment: ‘Then I thought...What would Idina Menzel say? She’s say ‘Let it go, let it go!’’. Although before that she’d probably have pronounced his name right.  Or at least part of it.

John Travolta has definitely been back in the limelight since his very public slip up, but what has he been up to recently? Quite a lot actually! 2014 and 2015 will be big years for Travolta. Later this year his movie The Forger will be coming out. The Forger focuses on a imprisoned petty thief who takes on a job with his father, who is also a thief, to repay the syndicate that organised his release in order for him to spent time with his sick son. Sounds pretty complex!

Later in the year Travolta will be lending his voice to Gummy Bear in Gummy Bear The Movie. Gummy Bear, his vegetarian vampire bat buddy and an array of other pals set out to stop the destruction of an alien planet. Now all we can think about is going out and buying some Haribo...

john travola kelly prestonTravolta's wife Kelly Preston will appear alongside him in Gotti: In The Shadow Of My Father

Travolta will be getting a little more serious in 2015, which will see the release of Gotti: In The Shadow of My Father in which Travolta will star as John Gotti Sr., the American mobster who rose to become the Boss of the notorious Gambino crime family. Travolta’s wife Kelly Preston will also be in the movie, starring as Victoria Gotti, perhaps when it comes out we can add them to our recent Celebrity Couples Who Have Starred Together post. It sounds like Travolta has a busy couple of years ahead of him, let’s hope he doesn’t make any more epic mispronunciations during filming his upcoming movies like the one he made on Sunday night.

Is anyone out there called Adele Dazeem? Get in touch and tell how you feel about John Travolta mentioning you at the Oscars!

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