Things look to be going from bad to worse for actor John Travolta with the continuing allegations being made against him in regards to his reported lewd behaviour. The most recent allegation came when Michael Caputo, who works for the Peninsula Hotel in New York, claimed that the Pulp Fiction star had been barred from the hotel's spa following numerous complaints against his behaviour after members of staff refused to work with Travolta.

According to a report from The Mirror, the fourth person to claim that Mr Travolta acted indecently towards them had said that they were left with no option but to ban, making sure they detailed his actions as vividly as possible. Apparently the actor, now 58, "would remove his towel, rub himself against the massage table then lift his bottom in the air."

Marty Singer, Travolta's solicitor has since denied the claims made against his client, claiming that Mr Caputo was nothing more than a "disgruntled employee." Meanwhile John himself has yet to make any statement in regard to this latest allegation, nor any of the other allegations made against him.