p>Grease stars John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John are to team up and release a Christmas album, reports The Guardian. The festive record will feature contributions from Cliff Richard, Chick Corea, Barbra Streisand and Kenny G.

"My desire was to make This Christmas an intimate album, not something too ostentatious or showy," Newton-John said of the new album. "We want to make a lot of people smile and happy." Newton-John recently texted Travolta to tell him their track You’re The One That I want had become "the bestselling duet in pop music history,” which inspired their first duet project for over 35 years. This Christmas will feature a sequel to the iconic tune, called I Think You Might Like It, and we think Grease fanatics will more than like it. John Farrar, who was responsible for the original, wrote it. "It just fell into place," Newton-John said. "John and I have always connected," she went on. "That's never gone away … When we're together, we have a good laugh and feel bonded to one another,” reports The Guardian.

Proceeds from This Christmas will benefit the Jett Travolta Foundation, which works with children with disabilities, and Melbourne's Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre. The album is out on 13 November. The original Grease soundtrack album sold 28m copies worldwide and is the sixth best selling soundtrack album ever.