John Travolta reveals that he almost retired from his acting career following the tragic death of his teenage son, Jett. In an interview with Colin Paterson on BBC Breakfast, the 58-year-old talks about coming back to work for the first time since his son, Jett Travolta, died on vacation in the Bahamas from a fatal seizure aged just 16-years-old. ‘I lost my son a few years ago and I’ve been having quite a time of that and, after 3 years of getting a lot of support from my church and a lot of support from people – fans, family – I decided that it was okay to go back to work’, he said, and added, ‘I’d even thought of retiring at one point because it felt like too much.’

The Grease legend came back to Hollywood to work on the new crime thriller Savages; a movie about two peaceful cannabis growers who are targeted by a Mexican drug organisation and, as a result, are made to set out on a rescue mission to save their girlfriend who has been brutally kidnapped.

Also in the interview, Travolta talks about the impending 35th anniversary of Grease hit ‘Summer Lovin’ dominating the UK singles chart for 16 weeks. ‘It was pretty daunting’, he said. ‘And still I think ‘You’re the One That I Want’ is the biggest duet in history.’ The actor, who danced with the late Diana, Princess Of Wales at the White House, also expressed his sadness for Kate Middleton’s recent topless photos scandal. ‘There is a right to privacy whether you’re famous or not famous’, he said and remarked that there should be a law for that kind of ‘invasion of privacy’ insisting ‘No one would like that.