When John Stamos took to Instagram to flash his impressively muscular torso, it seemed as if Christmas had come early. In fact, Stamos was celebrating his birthday and the glorious state of his body nearly a week after he turned 51.

John Stamos
John Stamos turned 51 last week.

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The American actor is best known for his roles on Full House as Jesse Katospolis, E.R. as Dr Tony Gates, and Connor McClane on Necessary Roughness. Whilst Stamos' television credits are prolific, his film appearances are numbered but he has appeared in such movies as My Man Is A Loser and Father of Invention

Stamos uploaded the picture, in which he poses holding his phone in front of a mirror, on his Instagram account on Monday (25th August). He added the caption, which truly compounds his sense of modesty, "51 no filters F' it."

John Stamos
John Stamos is best known for his roles on Full House and E.R.

Responses from his Instagram followers have been varied with some appreciating Stamos' physique. One follower wrote Stamos is "still as handsome as ever," whilst another expressed praise as Stamos is obviously taking "great care" of his body.  Others were less than impressed and claimed Stamos was "self absorbed" and the picture was simply "unnecessary". 

As for Stamos' secret? Well it appears his workout routine includes regular Pilates classes. As justjared.com reports, Stamos recently joked on a talk show about his body. The Glee actor said, "I'm the only guy in there [the class]. They plot before I get there, like 'how can we make John look ridiculous? The good thing is, I have a beautiful woman's body now. I have a great ass now."

What do you think - Is Stamos' selfie cause for praise or simply self indulgent?

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