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Michael J Fox Attacks Limbaugh

Michael J Fox Rush Limbaugh Back To The Future John Rogers Katie Couric Sharon Stone

LATEST: Michael J Fox went on the attack last night (26OCT06), attacking right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh's controversial comments that the actor used his Parkinson's Disease symptoms to make a political statement in a new campaign ad.
Limbaugh accused the Back To The Future star of "acting" and "exaggerating" the uncontrollable shaking that Parkinson's Disease victims suffer from on his radio show, after watching Fox's appearance in a new TV ad for Missouri Democratic Senate candidate CLAIRE MCCASKILL.
Fox's publicist John Rogers has already called Limbaugh's remarks "shameful" and last night, the actor went on the record about the controversy while appearing on the CBS Evening News.
Talking to host Katie Couric, a trembling and angry Fox admitted he was hurt by Limbaugh's comments when he referred to him as "a victim" and "pitiable".
The actor stated, "Nobody in this position wants pity... I couldn't give a damn about Rush Limbaugh's pity or anybody else's pity. I'm not a victim."
And Hollywood is siding with Fox - Sharon Stone has spoken out against Limbaugh after she watched an internet segment of the radio host's show, during which he mocks the actor by waving his arms, shaking in his chair and laughing.
She says, "To see someone thoughtlessly attack him was very hurtful."
Fox agreed to appear in the campaign ad for MCCaskill after learning she shared his concerns for stem-cell research, which the actor hopes will help experts find a cure for Parkinson's Disease and other ailments.

Fox Slams 'Shameful' Acting Accusations

Michael J Fox Rush Limbaugh John Rogers

LATEST: Michael J Fox has furiously denied accusations from a US radio host he "acted" his way through a new campaign ad for his favourite politician, branding the claims "shameful"
The Parkinson's Disease sufferer is seen frantically shaking as he urges voters to consider Missouri Democratic Senate candidate CLAIRE MCCASKILL in the TV commercial, who is a strong advocate of embryonic stem cell research to unveil a potential cure for the condition
However, the TEEN WOLF star's performance has enraged right-wing radio pundit Rush Limbaugh, who insists, "Either he didn't take his medication or he's acting He's exaggerating the effects of the disease "
Fox's spokesman John Rogers has called Limbaugh's remarks "shameful"
He adds, "It's an appalling, sad statement Anybody who understands Parkinson's disease knows it's because of the medicine that one experiences (involuntary movements like those Fox shows in the commercial) "
In 1998, Fox confirmed he had been fighting Parkinson's disease for seven years, and underwent brain surgery to lessen the tremors caused by the illness

The Core Review

The Core is Armageddon inside the Earth. If you've caught the trailer, spotted the revealing poster, or even overheard a total stranger briefly mentioning the plot in mixed company, then you've figured this much already. What's most distressing is that The Core is Armageddon without a heart to dangle from its sleeves. Michael Bay's bombastic endeavor may have choked itself on chest-heaving male bonding and fist-pumping patriotism, but at least it gave a damn. Here, we're going through the motions.

When the core of our planet stops spinning on its axis - a reason is given, though it makes little sense - a motley crew of hastily-trained scientists must accompany two astronauts (Bruce Greenwood, Hilary Swank) to the Earth's center so they can jump-start our globe using nuclear weapons.

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American Outlaws Review

Not so long ago, men by the names of Peckinpah, Ford, Leone, and Eastwood made westerns. Real westerns. These were some of the best films of the twentieth century.

Those days are gone. Now we have crap like Wild Wild West to pass for the western. And that record is not improved with the unbearable tale of American Outlaws.

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Catwoman Review

After Catwoman, I feel I've learned a lot about the furry beasts. For instance, did you know most cats are amazing martial artists? Or have C cups? Or have an innate sense of style that makes them be able to go from the last girl in New York that can't match her clothes to a magazine model? Or have the self-confidence to let them look and act like they're auditioning for Showgirls? It's all true!

Catwoman is the result of four actors without a leg to stand on, three lonely writers with an unhealthy obsession over leather and cats, and one director with a problematic penchant for photogrammetry.

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Berry And Bush Triumph At Razzies

Halle Berry George W Bush Michael Moore Donald Rumsfeld Britney Spears Arnold Schwarzenegger Scooby Doo Theresa Rebeck John Brancato Michael Ferris John Rogers From Justin to Kelly Gigli Battlefield Earth

OSCAR-winner Halle Berry's flop CATWOMAN and US President George W Bush's government were the big winners at Saturday's (26FEB05) GOLDEN RASPBERRY AWARDS.

Berry shocked film fans when she graciously arrived on stage, clutching her ACADEMY AWARD, to collect her Worst Actress RAZZIE at the Los Angeles ceremony. Catwoman won four accolades, including Worst Director for PITOF, Worst Picture and Worst Screenplay.

Berry said, "Oh my gosh, oh my God. I never in my life thought that I would be here, winning a Razzie. It's not like I ever aspired to be here, but thank you.

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The Core Movie Review

The Core Movie Review

The Core is Armageddon inside the Earth. If you've caught the trailer, spotted the revealing...

American Outlaws Movie Review

American Outlaws Movie Review

Not so long ago, men by the names of Peckinpah, Ford, Leone, and Eastwood made...

Catwoman Movie Review

Catwoman Movie Review

After Catwoman, I feel I've learned a lot about the furry beasts. For instance, did...

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