John Newman doesn't feel like a ''pop star''.

The 'Love Me Again' singer still finds being asked for autographs at airports a strange experience and admitted he really just wants to ''hide away'' after a long flight.

He told The Sunday Times newspaper: ''It's still a really weird feeling for me to get off a plane and be asked for autographs.

''I don't feel like a proper pop star getting off a plane, stinking, after 24 hours, and bumming cigarettes while everyone yells, 'Can I get a picture?'

''You can't help but look at yourself and think, 'Are you really sure you want one?' So you keep going, but what I really want to do then is run as fast as I can and hide away in my studio.''

John's debut single 'Love Me Again' and second release 'Cheating' are both set to be hits in the US, and the 23-year-old musician finds the whole situation of his new found star status ''really weird''.

He added: ''Now the Americans are picking up on it - which is crazy. My manager's had to go out to America to deal with the hype and try to control it.''