John Newman uses household objects in his music.

The 'Cheating' hitmaker loves to experiment with ''different s**t'' to see what unusual sounds he can create, and several of these makeshift instruments have surfaced on his new album 'Tribute'.

Asked what the album is like, he said: ''I like to try different s**t. like putting a microphone in a sock inside a carrier bag and in a bucket of water next to the drum kit. Lyrically, it's all about a break-up but it's still uplifting stuff.''

John realised he could make a successful career in music when he was approached about joining a boy band, which went on to become The Wanted.

He told Heat magazine: ''I was at music college and a woman who was putting together a boy band visited. They went on to be The Wanted.

''I told her I didn't want to be in a band, but I auditioned and she invited me down to London. That's when it felt like stuff was starting to happen.''