Singer/songwriter John Mayer is teaming up with members of the Zac Brown Band to play a benefit concert for firefighters who risked their lives to contain a blaze in Montana over the summer (12) - and save his home.

The Your Body Is a Wonderland hitmaker moved to the western U.S. state to avoid the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles in March (12), and he recently gushed about his Paradise Valley log-and-stone cabin to Men's Journal, saying, "I've never taken a Xanax (anxiety drug) out here. I've never had a panic attack looking out over a mountain."

And now he is giving back to the place he calls home by staging a special show for the first responders who battled the devastating Pine Creek Fire, which destroyed five houses and thousands of acres of forest in and around Livingston.

Zac Brown and his bandmates Clay Cook and David Ryan Harris will also participate, helping the Grammy winner, who is still recovering from throat surgery, with the vocals.

Mayer says, "Without the tireless effort and dedication of the firefighters of the Pine Creek Fire, many more homes and memories would have been destroyed, mine among them.

"I wasn't in town when the fire broke out and I've always wished I could do my part to help, the way so many in the community did. Putting on a concert to raise some money for the departments is the least I can do for a town and a community that has welcomed me with open arms."

The Livingston Town Proper: A Concert to Benefit the Fighters of the Pine Creek Fire will be held at Bozeman's Emerson Theater on 16 January (13) and all proceeds will be donated to a relief fund.