John Mayer believes "famous people make really bad records".

The US blues rock singer - who had an on/off relationship with Jennifer Aniston - said he thinks once a person reaches a certain level of fame it becomes more of a hindrance than a muse to help for further success.

He said: "You can't make music as a famous person. Famous people make really bad records - so I make music as a musician."

John - who has sold over 10 million records - said he spends up to 14 hours in the studio a day writing music, and is determined to go against trend to continue making good music.

He said in an interview with Britain's Guardian newspaper: "I've read people say I was the s**t, and I've read people say I am s**t. I don't have to prove anything anymore - all I have to do is play.

"Now my motivation is not so that people know my name, it's not so I can make money, it's not so I can meet girls - my motivation is to prove to people that you can buck the trend: that it's not an absolute that if you can be really successful, then you're gonna start sucking."