John Mayer, sleazy old John Mayer. The man has quite the reputation among women as being somewhat of a bad boy, a lothario, a treat-em-mean, keep-em-keen kinda guy. yes, well you get the point. Mayer is a saucy character. And the rumours are that that's exactly what Katy Perry's into, with reports growing ever stronger regarding a supposed relationship building between them.

It's quite the sea-change from just a few weeks ago when many of the press believed her to be dating FLORENCE & THE MACHINE guitarist Robert Ackroyd, a nice, pleasant sort of man you wouldn't mind your grandmother meeting, in comparison to evil old John Mayer at any rate. But this is Katy Perry, she married Russell Brand for 14 months so we know what sort of chap she's after. Poor Robbie hasn't got a look in.

The Sun are reporting that Perry headed home with the American hard lovin' soft rocker after a dinner date in Los Angeles; the pop star met Mayer just hours after touching down from Rio de Janeiro where she'd been undertaking some promotional work. Snaps afterwards, meanwhile, showed Perry getting into Mayer's car, grinning coyly as she kept her head down. Mayer's A-list conquests include Taylor Swift and Jennifer Aniston, could Perry be his latest?