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Top British Lawmakers Depict Murdoch's Power

Britain's Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, who heads the Liberal Democrat party, has maintained that he was warned that Rupert Murdoch's newspapers in the U.K. would attack him and his party if he did not...

Two Former British Prime Ministers Vilify Murdoch

Two former British prime ministers have attacked Rupert Murdoch during appearances before the long-running Leveson inquiry into British journalistic ethics. Speaking passionately at the inquiry, Gordon Brown, the last Labor prime minister, accused Murdoch of...

Streisand: 'Bring Back Thatcher'

American singer/actress BARBRA STREISAND misses the days when MARGARET THATCHER was the British prime minister, because she believes women had a better deal when the so-called 'Iron Lady' was in charge. Streisand insists UK society...

Bush Snr's Birthday Leap

Ex US President GEORGE BUSH celebrated his 80th birthday yesterday (13JUN04) by skydiving from 4,000 metres (13,000 feet) above Texas. While his son, current American premier GEORGE W BUSH and friends including former Soviet...

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Idris Elba Answers The James Bond Question: "It's Just A Rumour. I Have No Idea"

The ‘Luther’ actor is one of the hot favourites to take over from Daniel Craig.

Katy Perry Is Named Forbes Highest Paid Female Entertainer

Perry made more than any other musician this year including rival Taylor Swift and boyband One Direction.