Punk idol John Lydon became embroiled in a vicious brawl with music rival JIMMY PURSEY in London's US Embassy, according to the SHAM 69 frontman himself.

Former SEX PISTOL Lydon, also known as JOHNNY ROTTEN, was queuing for a US visa in the British capital, when he was spotted by Pursey.

Keen to put rivalry of the past few decades behind them, 50-year-old Pursey approached Lydon to shake his hand and was rudely rebuffed.

IF THE KIDS ARE UNITED hitmaker Pursey says, "It was like a playground tiff.

"Johnny and I never got on, but I haven't seen the peroxide-haired moron for 25 years.

"I knew they'd be trouble when he swaggered in so I said, 'Let's put this rubbish behind us' and offered my hand.'"

Onlookers, included Scots pop duo The Proclaimers, saw Lydon shouted, "F**k off!"

Pursey continues, "Next thing I knew, he'd thrown his coffee all over me."

Despite Pursey's claims, Lydon denies his bad behaviour, saying, "All the usual low-rent and lies. He's not fit to be in the same sentence as me. What do you expect from a low-rent fake 'mockney' (fake east Londoner) two-bob runt?"