Punk icon John Lydon branded a respected Bbc journalist a "silly sausage" during a tense interview on Thursday (09Oct14), ordering the newsman: "Don't tell me what to do."

The Sex Pistols star appeared as a guest on Bbc Radio 4's flagship Today show but became embroiled in a tense exchange with presenter John Humphrys when quizzed about his legacy.

Lydon snapped at the host when he suggested the rocker had failed in his bid to "change society", saying, "You put an awful lot on me, don't you?... No, you silly sausage, I have never, ever, ever said that I wanted to change society. Society can remain the same ad infinitum if it so wishes - this is not of an interest to me. Just don't dictate to me that I should toe the line along with the rest of you, because I'm not going to do that."

When Humphrys began to suggest it is wrong to criticise the British Establishment, Lydon cut across him, saying, "Says who? Says you! Don't tell me what to do, don't tell me nothing (sic). Don't tell me what to wear, don't tell me what to think. I mean you no harm, I'll let you trundle along as merrily as you like, I'm indifferent to that. So long as you don't try to step into my space."