Rocker John Lydon is urging British Prime Minister David Cameron to overturn the U.K.'s smoking ban, insisting it's a "ludicrous" law.
Legislation prohibiting tobacco smoking in public buildings was introduced in 2007, but the punk icon has never been a fan of the law and now he's suggesting citizens should to be given the option of going to venues where they are allowed to light up.
The Sex Pistols star tells NME, "It's ridiculous you're forcing people out onto the streets. Save the health of non-smokers within? Then have smoking-environment pubs! Give people the choice.
"It looks ludicrous, so many people stuck out in the rain and snow. And I resent the rigid, right-wing approach that smoking's bad. Well of course it's bad! You'll find everything you eat is bad. Alcohol is bad. I don't like any law that infringes on your civil rights."